Develop your fine art photography and editing skills in a fun, supportive community with personal advice and support

Do your images lack the wow factor?

  • Confused by editing and baffled by layers or learned the basics of Photoshop but struggling to get to the next level?
  • Need a more effective workflow?
  • Want produce stronger images?
  • Struggling to find your style?
  • Need to build your confidence with models or clients posing, shooting and styling?
  • Keen to make more of your existing images you have sitting on your hard drive?
  • Want to get started with or develop your competition work?
  • Hoping to enjoy editing more and be able to create the images you imagine?
  • Fed up of wanting to throw Photoshop and the computer out of the window?

Learn the tips and tricks that you need to produce great images that stand out time after time.

Member Community

Share your work and pose questions in our fun, friendly member community – it’s where we hang out too.

Full of helpful hints, inspiring images,  support, and plenty of banter!

Recorded Tutorials

A bank of over 400 hours of tutorials plus new content added weekly. Includes some sessions where you can follow along with my images as well as your own.

Pick and mix and explore the sessions that support your personal learning journey and experience.

Live Critiques

Feedback on your image based on your intended use whether that is competition, fine art, client shot, or a learning piece for yourself.

This is a great way to really improve your work in a supportive, constructive environment.

Live Edits

Join me as I edit images live.

Ask questions about any aspect of the process and enjoy some banter with your fellow members.

Live ideas sessions

Have images you don’t know what to do with?  

We share our inspiration and help you work towards a finished image.

What do you want to do?

  • Change backgrounds
  • Replace floors, skies, and more
  • Composite from multiple images
  • Add a painterly feel
  • Remove, recolour and polish
  • Use and create textures
  • Prepare work for and enter competitions
  • Make brushes
  • Colour grade with your own LUTs
  • Master the mixer brush
  • Submerge flowers
  • Create panels

Or just get to grips with the basics?

We have tutorials to help you get started editing, get creative with your images and be confident! But  you also get lots of help and support if you want it!

The resources you need

  • Textures – so many different styles from painterly to modern!
  • Overlays – snow, rain, lights and more
  • Brushes – hair, fur and more
  • LUTs for great colour toning
  • Seasonal and special occasions elements – Christmas, Valentines, memorials and celebrations

Download mine plus I teach you how to make your own!

Structured courses, quick tips and stand-alone edits

The courses alone include:

    • Photoshop fundamentals
    • Lightroom fundamentals
    • Creative inspiration – where do you find your ideas?
    • Equine beauty workshops (mixed horses and handlers)
    • Equine portrait challenge – the original 5 day Christmas challenge
    • Composite challenge
    • Composites beyond the basics – builds on the composite challenge
    • Creative challenge – get messy making textures, brushes, and more
    • Old Masters
    • Altered reality 
    • Artistic montage 
    • Still life 
    • Think olour
    • Think mono
    • Painterly textured images

Plus much, much more with 400+ hours in total and new content weekly so you can pick and mix your areas of interest!

“Your teaching skills are brilliant Janey, you make things simple and easily digestable for anyone to follow along and all with good humour!”

“I joined the membership after last year’s challenge. The best thing I have ever done”

About me

Hi I’m Jane, better known as EJ Lazenby.

I work as a professional photographer and artist specialising in creating images of people and horses and in teaching and supporting others to develop their creative skills.

I have a fine art degree, a qualification in teaching adults in further education, and 25 years of experience. I’m a multi-award winner with international recognition and regularly give presentations to UK camera clubs and groups around the world.

In addition to commercial and client shoots and commissions my work is sold in galleries and as part of exhibitions in the UK and overseas.

Most definitely staying best thing I ever did!”            


“I have learned so much and being a member allows me to keep going back through everything”

“I have paid for more subscriptions and classes than I care to admit, but your way of explaining is so clear and comprehensive. I have struggled with learning Photoshop for a number of years. You opened a door that had been so elusive for me. ”
  • location shoots where you can watch through my lens as I shoot – we’ll talk lighting, props, costume and more!
  • shoot, review and edit with me so you can follow my whole thought process from start to finish
  • download my image and edit along with me
  • create an image inspired by mine with resources such as textures and brushes to download and use
  • plus lots of edits in different styles building your skills and techniques so you develop your own style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site just about editing?

No. we look at what makes a good image and share tips about how to get the best images from your shoots.  We have a growing library of shoots ‘through the lens’ where you come ‘on location’ or to the studio with me.

We talk lighting, posing and tips for working with models and non models plus styling and props for themed shoots.

You can see what I see through my lens including all my settings and focus point. Then we review, cull and edit the shots together afterwards and talk about why some images work better than others.

We make props and have tutorials on making textures, brushes and more using software, paint and even the contents of the kitchen cupboards!

Do I need Photoshop and Lightroom?

Most of the editing is done in Photoshop and Lightroom. There is no need to use Lightroom though if you prefer not to, it just provides some additional options for your workflow.  I don’t cover alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom such as Affinity yet but if you are an experienced user then you should be able to replicate many of the techniques in other software – we have members who use other software such as this.  We have occasional tutorials that look at specialist software such as Topaz that members have requested.

I find learning editing hard, will this work for me?

I have over 25 years of experience in adult education and have a professional education qualification so I know how to break techniques and approaches down to make them simple and easy to follow. You can easily recap content in the tutorials and ask questions in my live edit plus I’m generally in and out of the member group multiple times a day as well as being on email.

I am there to support you in our community and on email, this is not just a bank of videos and we have regular live sessions including edits, critiques and Q&As.

What sort of images do the edits cover

I specialise in human and equine images and as well as regular shoots I do a lot of styled shoots. So expect to see these popping up a lot in the tutorials but members have a wide range of interests and almost all of the skills are transferable.  We are very responsive to members’ interests so you will also find things like underwater image editing, ICM, multiple exposures and so much more as we experiment with lots of styles and image types to build your skills.

Can I get feedback on my work?

Yes, we have critique sessions every month you can submit your work to, you can share it our members’ group and get help from the whole community as well!

I’ve got images I’m really stuck with – how can you help?

As well as looking generally at finding inspiration we have live sessions where we suggest ideas about how members can develop their images.  If its with an edit then we can suggest tutorials to review plus we record images using member images so you can see exactly how to tackle a particular issue.

Will you show me how to set up a photography business?

The site is primarily about helping you improve your images – shooting and editing.  I’m happy to provide some advice and support where I can though and you will be learning lots of skills that will stand you in good stead.

I want to start selling my work as fine art, can you help?

Yes. I’ve been selling my work direct and exhibiting my work through galleries for over 20 years, first art and in the last decade both art and photography. We are regularly adding content to the site that will help you get started and will be covering what you need to think about beforehand, how to get ready to approach a gallery, and how to build your CV.

I want to enter competitions, can you help?

I do a lot of this myself and I also do some judging.  We have a number of tutorials and other resources particularly around competitions – things to consider, how to enter them and what judges look for.  We’ve had some great feedback from members about how much more successful they have been in competition since joining us – there’s been a lot of acceptances and medals from all over the world as well as in local clubs and competitions.  If this is something that interests you then we can certainly help.

Am I tied in?

I’m confident that you will want to remain a member and we’ve made canceling very simple. You can cancel at any time and then your membership will finish at the end of the period you have already paid for. Just log in and visit your account to cancel in a couple of clicks.

Why is the price in dollars?

We are an international site with members based all over the world and US dollars are the de facto currency of the internet.  Whilst the conversation rate varies from bank to bank you can get a rough idea in your currency by using an online currency converter.

Still have questions?

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything I haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact me.  If you are part of one of my Facebook communities you will find members there who will be happy to answer your questions about being part of the site too.