Sorry you don’t want to join me but you can change your mind and sign up until Friday 2nd April

Learn how to create a

stunning equine composite

The new free editing challenge for Easter from EJ Lazenby

who brought you the original 5 day equine portrait challenge!

Over the 4 days you will learn how to:

  • select and prepare the subject to set up your story
  • choose the right background and add blur
  • bring the background and subject together, scaling and positioning
  • use colour and light to blend your image

What You’ll Get

  • A daily video for each edit we’ll be covering – no fluff, no filler, just totally focused on results
  • Access to the  challenge group where you can get advice and share your progress with others 
  • Images to use – follow along with me using the same images or use your own
  • Several of my custom brushes to keep

Feedback from the 5 day equine portrait challenge

“Outstanding! Great tutorials which made things easy to understand. Fab fun too.”

“Janey you gave me the courage to jump into Photoshop. You were so reassuring with your “take a breath” attitude and calm demeanour. Prior to your challenge, PS had been nothing but frustrating. You made me feel like I could be successful by taking everything slowly and in small pieces.”

“I love Janey’s way of teaching. She has a patient, calm, clear way and adds a touch of humour as well. She just seems to “get it” when it comes to the problems that we all share.”

“”I truly enjoyed you and your bubbly personality.. that you took the time to share your gift and talent with all of us and the network that is beginning.  I cannot thank you enough!!!”

“Excellent content, beautifully put across, teaching methods just right   Feel so lucky to have been able to follow this brilliant idea.  Made my Christmas   Thank you”

“This course has been amazing so far! I’m just starting day 3 but I’ve already learned so much. And I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years!”

“It was brilliant I learned so much from just a couple of videos, things I’d never even thought about learning. I have my first professional looking art piece, thank you!”

“It was great being able to watch the videos and at the same time edit the same image in Photoshop. The way Janey explains everything is magical.

“First and foremost, THANK YOU! I am so grateful for this gift. I’ve learned some new “tricks” been inspired to step out of my own comfort zone.  So, again, thank you.”









Have a Question?

What do I need to take part?

I’ll be using Photoshop to demonstrate the techniques but if you are using other editing software and are familiar with it then you should be able recreate them.  

I'm not very good at using Photoshop

Don’t worry, I’ll be breaking things down and explaining clearly step by step! 

I'm not sure I have time to get involved

On each of the 4 days I’ll be sharing a short video and then you can spend as much or as little time as you want practising the techniques. Don’t worry you will be able to catch up if you miss a day.

I don't have any images of horses

I will be giving you my images so you can follow along using the same pictures as me but you can also use your own if you prefer.  The techniques will work well for lots of different sorts of images.

What's the catch, are there any hidden costs?

No catch, this is completely free​! However you do need to go through the challenge live in order to get the best results, and you will only have access to the challenge material until 10th April.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts on 2nd April and ends on 6th April.

About Your Host

Hi I’m Jane better known as EJ Lazenby. I work as a professional photographer and artist specialising in creating images of horses and in teaching and supporting others to develop their creative skills.

In addition to commercial and client shoots and commissions my work is sold in galleries and as part of exhibitions in the UK and overseas.

I just love sharing my passion for horses and art with others. I got such great feedback on the last challenge that I just had to do another for you all! 

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