– Free 4 day composite challenge –

I’d love your feedback!

Completing this will really help me in putting together future challenges, resources and training that are relevant to your needs. Understanding more about what you are interested in will also help me to tailor things that I share with you.

As a thank you for completing it I will email you a link for the challenge notes!

Where in the world do you live?*
Why do you take and edit photos?*
What is your main area of photographic interest?*
What sort of photography do you enjoy - TICK ALL THAT APPLY!*
In terms of photography do you consider yourself to be:*
In terms of editing do you consider yourself to be:*
Do you feel your editing skills have improved as a result of taking part in the challenge?*
What was your experience of compositing prior to the challenge?*
Will you continue to composite following the challenge*
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