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Do your images lack the wow factor?

  • Do you love to photograph horses but feel your final images are lacklustre?


  • You get some great shots but struggle to produce a consistent set of strong images and edits?


  • You find yourself looking at other peoples’ images and feel yours don’t have the same impact.



Learn the tricks and tips that make your images stand out

Need help to make the most of Photoshop?

  • Do you struggle to master Photoshop and find yourself frustrated trying to use things like layers and marks?
  • You’ve learned the basics but just can’t get to the next level?
  • Find you edits taking you so much time and trial and error to achieve the look you want?
  • Struggle to develop a consistent workflow?

Step by step videos that simplify Photoshop

Do you want to build your equine portfolio?

  •  Not confident about posing?
  • Not sure how to find models and test shoot? 
  • Unsure how to make the best of equine events?
  • Confused about where to start your equine journey?

Follow along classes where you can edit along with me using my images, textures and more!

Struggling to create an artistic style?

  • Want to turn your images into a beautiful pieces of art?


  • Struggling to develop your style and vision?



  • Finding it hard to create images worthy of your or your client’s walls from simple shots?

Learn how to apply my techniques and workflows whilst developing you own style

Love fantasy but don’t know where to start?

  • Struggling with how to use Photoshop to give your work a fantasy feel?


  • Want to get into styled shoots but not sure how to start?


  • Lack great locations?



Build your confidence and skills

Want to take better pictures?

  • Do you want to improve your hit rate?


  • Need to learn more about posing and settings?


  • Not sure what is fixable later in Photoshop and what to avoid?


  • Need more confidence with different styles of shoots?


If you love horses and want to take great images and make them really stand out then this is for you!

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What others say about learning equine fine art with me

“I would most highly recommend Jane Lazenby’s workshops, her amazing talent not only lie in her incredible artwork, she is generous-spirited with her knowledge and a patient and caring tutor.

She has given me the tools and confidence to move forward in my photography and editing, I am extremely grateful and can’t wait for the next one!  -Thank you Jane”

“Another fantastic workshop yesterday! I’m gonna get very sad when the third and last one ends. These are really opening me a whole new world into horse photo editing!”
That was so informative and so very easy to follow.   Thank you so much. I feel plenty of practice coming on before the next masterclass. 

Your passion for teaching shines through.   I’ve been a real wimp when it comes to using layers.  Having watched several of your videos and this evenings session I realise that it is not as daunting as I  thought.”

“I have been LOVING your classes – I am learning HEAPS!!”
“Thanks to Janey’s Masterclasses I’m finally able to complete the entire feel with the new editing skills I’ve learned. I’m so excited.”
“Yet another awe inspiring session.  Lost for words at times.  Thank you for making this editing journey so easy to follow”
“Thank you Janey Lazenby for a wonderful session! Absolutely loved it and looking forward to using these new skills!”

“Thank you for running such a great series of editing webinars, I feel I have learnt loads and can’t wait to give them all a go.”

“it takes so much guesswork out of it and I feel more confident in my knowledge when I hear what I do know, coming from you! I’m so grateful for your lessons!!!”

About me

Hi I’m Jane better known as EJ Lazenby and this isn’t just a job to me, its my life!

I love horses and have bred, competed and judged myself as well as being a lead rein mum! I have a fine art degree and qualification in teaching adults in further and higher education. 

I work as a professional photographer and artist specialising in creating images of horses and people and in teaching and supporting others to develop their creative skills. I’m the team photographer for the UK’s top stunt team Atkinson Action Horses and run styled shoots and events. In addition to commercial and client shoots and commissions my work is sold in galleries and as part of exhibitions in the UK and overseas.

 In 2019 I did the first live equine shoot on stage at the Photography Show, the UK’s largest industry event.  Other public presentations include the Royal Photographic Society and too many photographic clubs and societies to count!

I just love sharing my passion for horses and art with others!

I’m here to support your journey whatever stage you are at

Topics covered include

  • Creating black backgrounds
  • Removing halters, heal bit rings and remove reins
  • Colour toning
  • Reshaping dresses, hair and tails
  • Replacing manes and tails
  • Adding shine and lustre to coats
  • Removing handlers
  • Fixing blemishes
  • Using vignettes
  • Adding fog, dust, smoke and light flares
  • Replacing backgrounds
  • Adding textures
  • Making composites
  • Understanding camera settings
  • Giving your images a painted feel
  • Creating background blur
  • Adding whiskers
  • Extending the frame
  • Using actions
  • Fixing issues such as stable stains and tan lines
  • Dealing with inconvenient fences and dark arenas
  • Understanding what makes a good shot and how to get more of them

And much, much more…



Join me for regular live edits, critiques and Q&As

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site just about editing?

No. I also talk about what makes a good image and share tips about how to get the best images from your shoots. I’ll be reviewing all of the images from some of my shoots with you and talking about the settings, poses and location. I’ll be sharing film taken during some of my shoots too so you can come ‘on location’ with me.

Do I need Photoshop and Lightroom?

Most of the editing is done in Photoshop but I will also be sharing some Lightroom tips.  I won’t be covering alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom such as Affinity but if you are an experienced user then you should be able to replicate many of the techniques in other software.

I find learning editing hard, will this work for me?

I have over 25 years experience in adult education and have a professional education qualification so I know how to break techniques and approaches down to make them simple and easy to follow. Most of the classes are videos so very easy to follow and you can easily recap content. I’ll also be doing live edits where you can ask me any questions and I’ll be on the member group too.

I’ve had great feedback on how easy people have found my online sessions to date.  I’ve had nearly 200 bookings since lockdown alone for my talks where I edit live and I’m now being booked for my third visit to some clubs so I hope that speaks for itself in terms of how accessible my style and approach is!  Check out the feedback from those that have taken my classes above.

Will you show me how to set up a business photographing horses?

The site is primarily about helping you improve your images. Setting up a business varies a lot from country to country so it is not possible to cover this effectively.  However, I will be sharing resources that will help you to consider some key areas like branding, pricing and building a portfolio. I’m also running regular Q&As so you can ask any questions you have.

I want to start selling my work as fine art, can you help?

Yes. I’ve been selling my work direct and exhibiting my work through galleries for over 20 years, first art and in the last decade both art and photography. I’ll be sharing information that will help you get started, covering what you need to think about beforehand, how to get ready to approach a gallery and how to build your CV.

Am I tied in?

I’m confident that you will want to remain a member so we’ve made cancelling very simple. You can cancel at any time and your membership will finish at the end of the period you have already paid for. Just log in and visit your account to cancel.

Still got questions?

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything I haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact me at ejlazenbyphotography@gmail.com and we’ll help you out.

Free bonus textures, backgrounds, overlays and more

Is it right for me?

It is for anyone who wants to create beautiful fine art equine images…

  • new photographers who want to learn to create and edit equine images;
  • experienced photographers who want to take their work to the next level;
  • professionals who want to increase their sales by broadening the types of images they can offer to clients from a single shoot;
  • people who want to produce images with the wow factor for competitions and exhibitions; and
  • those who want to explore fine art work that will appeal to a wider audience.

If you love to photograph horses and make great images then this membership is for you!


Here is what you’ll get if you join today…


* A library of video classes to dip into at will

* Access to live edits – regular sessions where you can join me as I edit an image    

* Free bonus textures, overlays and backgrounds to use in your own images

* Live Q&As and critiques – submit your work for feedback

* Member only group to share your work and get support


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