I’ll be adding more resources to help you put those finishing touches to your equine images over the coming months.  First up are my texture packs, these have been carefully created texture pack to give your equine photography a creative edge.

These textures are made by combining a number of hand painted layers together, each texture is unique and selected to add that artistic touch to a darker background.

Everyone who purchases a texture pack gets access to my video showing how to work with textures. Textures also work beautifully on studio shots and are not restricted to equine use. Examples shown are used at 65-85% opacity with screen blend mode over a black background photograph. Mask applied. Texture sizes vary but are approximately 11 x 16″ / 5000 x 3000 pixels.

YOU MUST NOT: Share, distribute or resell any resources including free items. They may be used on personal or commercial images without need for attribution. Please see the full terms and conditions here.

More textures and other goodies coming soon…

English Landscape Texture Pack

  • GARDEN PATH: A hint of brushstrokes giving beautiful movement in a classic painterly style
  • COUNTRY WALK: Carrying all the hallmarks of a traditional English landscape
  • RIVER FLOW: Light reflected on water through woodland, a classic combination
  • OPEN FIELDS: Subtle, dark and with an oil painting feel, beautifully moody
  • PASTEL VIEW: Full of foliage and energy, a painter’s dream

What is included?


Dappled Equine Texture Pack

  • GOLDEN CORN: dappled ochre and dark umber brushstrokes
  • PAINTED CARAMEL: strong ochre brushstrokes giving energy and movement
  • RED GOLD: A more complex texture with a metallic feel and aged surface with red oxide and gold on a green base
  • TURQUOISE SORBET: soft cool dappled teals and blues
  • UMBER SKIES: cornflower blue dances with cool umber to create a glorious softness

What is included?